We support public administrations and local and national institutions to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the cities and communities they manage, to mobilize their communities, to shape the path of their, to build the city / region brand and communicate it to achieve its maximum economic and social potential.

We support communities to identify who they are and in what direction they want to go.

We put a lot of attention, effort, passion and various skills to better understand the essence of places and people who live or visit them. The correct determination of the points that unite and differentiate is the basis of the process of developing a competitive identity and a truly impactful place branding.

  • Community studies (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Market analysis
  • Evaluation of destinations
  • Development of tools for evaluation / measurement of the stage of urban development (ex. of the future: index of cities)

We facilitate the development of competitive identity

We facilitate the process of developing the strategic direction of identity for the community and local administrations over the years and we think of ways to coagulate and involve people in order to bring it to life.

We contribute to the development of projects to support the identity vision through which local public administrations and key players will be able to be with the community.

The result of this process will be the promise, the vision and the story of the place for the community, students, visitors and investors.

  • Brand and vision development strategies
  • Elements of visual identity – logo and slogan
  • Placemaking strategy

We coagulate and build the community around the vision

The strategic place branding process aims to involve all the communities relevant to the implementation of the long-term vision, from the inhabitants of the cities / regions to the educators, investors, etc.

Our services in this area include:

  • City / region vision and brand communication strategies
  • Communication trainings for various players in the city / regions
  • Communication administration / association communication consultancy
  • Crisis prevention and management services
  • Stakeholders ’relations training
  • Community development training

Contributing to attracting tourists, workforce and investment

Branding, storytelling and marketing campaigns can attract visitors and investment to reach the full potential of a city, region or destination.

  • Brand strategy and identity
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication strategy and services


Monitoring and quantifying the impact of campaigns

Supporting public authorities to develop relevant skills and abilities for the continuation of branding and promotion place processes,

Organizing trainings for communication, public speaking, community building and engagement.