The Institute for
Visionary Cities

The Institute for Visionary Cities provides support to community leaders in order to develop cities and regions where people can feel respected, engaged and happy.

We firmly believe that communities can become attractive to residents, tourists and investors and can have a strong impact only when they know who they are and where they are heading to.

Our mission is to support local communities and governments create powerful city brands based on a strategic link between the current state of the region, its untapped potential, the identity of its local people and its long-term vision.

The BRAND of a city is much more than a logo or a series of visual symbols. It includes the reputation for tourists and investors and a sense of belonging for residents. It is the accumulation of benefits that differentiates the offer of that city from that of other competing cities.

We use tools specific to the fields of Place Branding, Strategic Marketing and Placemaking to develop the visionary competitive identity of cities and regions.

“I believe that the mission of the local administration leaders is to bring forward everything that is best in that place and to lead it towards a visionary development direction, which should engage the whole community, so that people would be happy to live there and be able to fulfill their potential.

Place branding is the science that helps community leaders develop their city or community brand, while also focusing on their residents and increasing their level of engagement.”

Felix Tătaru, Chairman of The Institute for Visionary Cities